Rigorous Calorie Counting Assignment Cures Eating Disorders

Gym teachers have helped students develop healthy habits this year

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Gym teachers have helped students develop healthy habits this year

As we’ve completed just about a year’s worth of virtual learning, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many teachers have struggled with creating enriching lessons that will excite students and be suitable to do online. Some teachers have resorted to assigning a surplus of Crash Course / YouTube videos to watch, while others, such as Allderdice’s Phys. Ed teachers have taken a more vigorous approach to online learning. 

In order to ensure that students aren’t taking a shortcut to getting a good gym grade, teachers have assigned activity “evidence” (video of student doing some type of physical activity) along with rigorous calorie counting. 

With the crushing weight of societal expectations, fear of not fitting in, and internet culture that borderline promotes eating disorders, students are reacting surprisingly well to this assignment! 

“I was actually really glad I was given an assignment that had me calculating calories and constantly scribbling down everything I had eaten in the day, it definitely made it easier to avoid unhealthy eating habits like intuitive eating and moderation,” reports a junior.

Seeing all the positive feedback from students, it made me wonder where the gym teachers got such a show-stopping idea from. 

“After taking inspiration from my own habits, I thought it’d be a great idea to introduce my students to this way of life. Calorie counting makes me feel good about myself and my habits, so I knew that my students would react the same way!” says one of the many gym teachers here at Allderdice.

It seems as if some of our teachers have even joined in on the caloric intake watch as well! 

“Seeing my students constantly track what they ate made me smile inside. Truly. As self conscious teenagers, I was happy to see them all take steps in the right direction. This even inspired me and some co-workers to hop on this trend as well,” admits one of Allderdice’s 9th grade English teachers. “At the end of the day, we all like to compare our daily calories to see who’s eaten the least amount of food possible—it’s turned into this friendly competition that has really brightened up the work environment,” she continues. 

Who knew one simple assignment could have such a wonderful impact on students and teachers as well. It seems to have rid some students of their disordered eating and even created some new friendships along the way. We’d like to personally thank our gym teachers for this assignment, as it’s a huge step in the right direction for everyone involved. And one last thing: don’t forget to count your calories!