Pirates Go Undefeated Through Whole Season, Win World Series

In a stunning turn of events the Pittsburgh Pirates managed to win every single game of the 2021 season and swept the San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Toronto Blue Jays to win the world series. Their offense led by rookie phenom Ke’Bryan Hayes broke Barry Bonds’ home run record by hitting 75 home runs. His prowess at the plate was so good that the baseball hall of fame decided to induct him during the world series parade in downtown Pittsburgh. Catcher Jacob Stallings was so good that he was able to make the umpire believe every pitch that was thrown was a strike no matter where it went. This incredible feat will surely never be topped again. Bryan Reynolds who broke his leg in 3 different places while running the bases on opening weekend appeared to be out for the season. Baseball players are tougher than you think and he managed to pull through the season. Reynolds even recorded the fastest sprint speed on StatCast this season as well. Kumar Rocker, the man the Pirates took with the first overall pick in July was immediately called up to the team and became the ace of the staff and won the Cy Young Award. Local all-star David Bednar from Moon Township managed to eclipse the century mark for saves and recorded 200 strikeouts, the most by any closer of all time. Even though it was a year the entire baseball world would remember, they still played nail biting games for most of the season.

“I knew that this team would manage to win every game” Pirates GM Ben Charrington said. “When I saw the roster we had in February I knew that this team had high expectations. Sure we don’t have any household names like Christian Yelich or Clayton Kershaw, but if we compete against the likes of those players we will surely be better everytime we face them.” 

Everyone was mocking and laughing at his comments then and for good reason since the Pirates were the worst team in a 60 game season last year, but now they’ve ascended to be the most memorable team of all time. “They did exactly what I told them everyday,” said manager Derek Shelton after winning the World Series. “I always said to the guys in the clubhouse to go out and win the ball game today. I did it before they took the field every game. I wouldn’t attribute our success to luck. Never. I gave them a job, and they wanted to do whatever it took to accomplish it.”

Baseball will always remember this team until the end of time. So many records and outstanding feats were done by one team and in one year. Pittsburgh is once again invested in baseball after a 6 year hiatus. PNC Park looked to be going to waste from 2016-2020, but since the team kept winning every game was sold out, even the standing room only sections. Owner Bob Nutting is very proud of his team of guys all making 3 million or under except for Gregory Polanco because that was all a part of his master plan of success.