Allderdice Architecture: A Behind the Scenes Look Into The Beauty of Our School

The Abyss, estimated Value: $220 Million.

The Abyss, estimated Value: $220 Million.

Students walk the halls of Allderdice High School every day, but only those with a truly artistic imagination can appreciate the history and dedication that went into each design choice of the nearly century-old building. To expose more students to the deep meaning that can be found in Allderdice and the community within, a small group of anonymous student photographers have compiled an exhibit entitled Allderdice Architecture

The Backword is thrilled to exclusively report that this display has won several awards and is causing quite the buzz in the art world. The photographs are even being auctioned off. We invite you to take a look at the stunning work of Allderdice students, and check out the price tags as well. One of these could be yours! All proceeds benefit funding new creations.







Estimated Value: $200 Million

This piece truly captures the depth of emotion that can be felt in the basement wrestling room. Gazing up at this ceiling panel filled with fractures and empty spaces, one can feel a sense of melancholy for this neglected piece of infrastructure. The fear of having a piece of ceiling fall on your head at any given moment adds an existential layer to this artwork and helps the viewer to appreciate that they have survived (thus far). A beautiful addition to any collection!


Made You Look

Estimated Value: $323 Million

A dark and somber mood fills this photograph. Its grainy value perfectly encapsulates the feelings of shock, disappointment, and isolation of emerging from a stall in the third floor bathroom. One expects a mirror to glance into but is met with only a concrete wall. This piece is a lesson in the pitfalls of vanity. It awakens us from the way in which we walk through life. It dares to ask the question, “Do we really need bathroom mirrors?” 

The answer, according to Made You Look, is absolutely not.


What The F&%k Am I Looking At

Estimated Value : $500 Million

This composition defies all understanding. Its meaning and depth simply cannot be perceived by the human brain. There is nothing that we, the viewers, can do but appreciate the unfathomable genius of this work.


Helpful Hint #3 (Of the 57-part “Helpful Hint” Series)

Estimated Value: $455 Million

This piece displays the tight-knit community of Allderdice—a heart warming reminder that students within our walls are willing to lend a hand and offer advice. A photographer captured this in a stunning grayscale piece: a poster hung on the wall that reminds students to be prepared for whatever they may face in Allderdice’s hallways. The additional note scribbled in pen shows yet another student providing helpful information to their peers. They are truly putting the C (Courteous) in D.I.C.E. 


The Abyss

Estimated Value: $220 Million

Some critics may call it “unusual” that so much of the art in this exhibit revolves around the Allderdice bathrooms. In truth, this is simply a reflection of what makes the school such a special place. The Abyss is a rich and intriguing piece that draws you forward into the gaping hole where a sink once resided. The depth of the darkness within the wall contrasts with the warm tones of the walls and floor. It begs the question, “How did someone manage to get a sink out of the wall?”


Hopefully, this exhibit of some of the crown jewels of Allderdice will inspire you to check out the full Allderdice Architecture showing, on display at the Mattress Factory beginning April 1. Perhaps it will inspire you to celebrate the unique beauty of our school by creating some pieces of your own!