Letter from a Fiscally-Conservative, Socially-Moderate Student to the Allderdice Administration

The students requested required reading: The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump.

The student’s requested required reading: The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump.

Dear Allderdice Administration,

I am writing today to implore you to look into what is being shown in our classrooms. I strongly believe that everybody has a right to their own thoughts (the First Amendment of course—G.Wash and T. Jeff could do no wrong). I do, however, believe that there must be some restrictions in the classroom. If teachers will not show Fox News, why are they showing New York Times or AP? If Hank Green is celebrated in classrooms, why not honor Ben Shapiro? If To Kill A Mockingbird is read in English classes, why isn’t The Art of The Deal

Do not get me wrong, I strongly condemn racism, obviously. I merely wish to fight the injustices I face—ones similar in magnitude and importance. It is NOT my fault that I am a white, Fiscally-Conservative, Socially-Moderate boy. I should not be oppressed for the combination of my skintone, gender, and political beliefs.

The following are grievances I wish for you to address concerning my treatment as a Fiscally-Conservative, Socially-Moderate-identifying student:

  1. Republican teachers are the mighty minority in this school. More important than looking to hire more than Black teachers, you must look to hire teachers who voted for Donald Trump in either of the last two elections. (I’m not picky.) 
  2. I feel unsafe walking into the majority of classrooms in this school. The amount of socialist stickers on these teacher’s desks is a violation of my beliefs. It is as if they are encouraging us to become commies. I wish for them to be taken down or met with perphonalia from the opposite ideological perspective. I would feel safer with a Blue Lives Matter flag at LEAST. A Let’s Go Brandon or Drain The Swamp sign would be ideal.
  3. You must eliminate the mask mandate. I cannot breathe. I feel myself slowly losing oxygen with every passing minute. 
  4. You won’t catch me spewing my take on vasectomies any time soon. I do however take concern in the ways my fellow Americans were treated this fall in protest for their beliefs. Vasectomies are a very emotional, and often religious, issue. I take issue with the ways protesters were treated by Allderdice Students when standing up for their beliefs. Allderdice has a constitutional obligation to support the right to peacefully assemble.
  5. Recently, Allderdice has opened a gender non binary bathroom with the intent of making those who do not identify as a male or female at ease and comfortable. This is great! I do, however, believe that fairness must be taken into account: I implore you to open cisgender bathrooms for those identifying as male/female.


Please respond with the actions you are willing to take to stop this obscene behavior. Addressing these grievances will make PPS serve ALL students. Then, we will have finally solved educational inequity. 



A Fiscally-Conservative, Socially-Moderate Student