The Mysterious Disappearance of Time Slot 3: An Exposé

The Dice Detective hard at work!

The Dice Detective hard at work!

It was a dark and stormy night. There was an eerie feeling in the air, though passersby did not know what had happened at the time.  The silhouettes of PPS figures gathered in a poorly lit room to discuss. Classical music masked the conversation.

Earlier that day was just another day at Allderdice High School. The bell rang through the enormous building, signaling the end of Time Slot 2. Hundreds of students flooded the hall, AirPods in, heads down, bustling without thought to their next class—notorious Time Slot 3. 

Little did they know that they would never see Time Slot 3 ever again.


The next day was quiet and sad. The bell after Time Slot 2 was followed by a hesitancy throughout the whole building. Confused students turned around to go to Time Slot 4. Time Slot 3 was gone forever, and nobody knew where it went. 

To investigate this, the finest private investigator of all of Allderdice was put on the case, a genius known as the Dice Detective. His work on behalf of The Backword work is legendary. He was the man who revealed the identity of the “Exposing Allderdice” Instagram account owner. He has been responsible for dozens of “devious lick” busts. One of his most famous cases was solving the mystery of the school lunch burger with a bite taken out of it. Commenting on taking on this case, the Dice Detective said, “I’m so sick of Dice shit. What kind of school has a Time Slot that goes missing?” 

Despite a lack of optimism from the detective, he proceeded with the investigation. At first, he looked all throughout the school. From bathrooms to the cafeteria to classrooms but he discovered nothing except countless students smoking in undisclosed locations. 

He then decided to go down to the darkest, dustiest, and most evil corner of the Allderdice building: the first floor annex. A cockroach scurried quietly to his left. The Dice detective had seen a lot in his career, but the first floor annex was not a place for the faint of heart. As he walked all the way down the hallway, he heard struggling in the dark closet on his right. As he approached the door, the noises got louder. 

When he opened the closet, he saw none other than an Allderdice math teacher (who shall remain unnamed for the sake of their safety.) With a cloth in their mouth and their hands and legs tied to a chair, they were grateful to have been rescued but hesitant to say what happened.

Rumor has it that they were the only teachers who enjoyed having homeroom Time Slot 3, and with strong political beliefs like that, it was only a matter of time before something happened. The teacher stayed mostly quiet, muttering strange things every several minutes and having panic attacks whenever a question was asked. They seemed too scared to say what happened to Time Slot 3… but in a moment of weakness they muttered the words, “…it was… Dr. McCoy … he did this.”

And bingo! The Dice Detective had a lead. With another teacher (who wished to remain anonymous as well) corroborating McCoy’s guilt, the Dice Detective snuck into McCoy’s office. Sure enough, he caught him red handed with administrative paperwork about the coverup all over his desk. It was him all along—he was responsible for the disappearance of Time Slot 3.  

In the following weeks, the tone of Allderdice was very gloomy and sad. People missed the break between 2 and 4, but the personal loss of Time Slot 3 was the most difficult part. Commenting on his devastating decision to kill Time Slot 3, Dr. McCoy said, “It needed to be done, but I am very sorry for all the emotional distress I have caused this school, and have taken the punishment of an after school detention.”