Pittsburgh’s Best Vegan Comfort Food


Dani Jordan

Square Cafe in Point Breeze

Dani Jordan


Most Pittsburghers can agree that pierogies are a staple to our cities food culture and history from the pierogi races at Pirates games and the traditional polish restaurants and easy access to the food all around town. Perogies are also a common comfort dish served with sour cream and onions. Apteka in Lawrenceville is a fully vegan polish restaurant that is known for its two types of perogies filled with either Sauerkraut and mushroom or smoked cabbage and potato served with a vegan yogurt sauce on the side perfect for anyone craving a twist on a common Pittsburgh dish.

Philly Cheese Steak

A philly cheesesteak is something many people would not expect to find a vegan substitute for but Double Wide Grille on the Southside has done it. Using a common meat substitute of setan the sub is strips of setan with a vegan barbecue sauce and vegan cheese on top. Double wide also has a separate fryer for all their vegetarian and vegan options so that everything is completely fitted for your diet. If you aren’t into the whole sub they also have setan wings as an appetizer if you still want to get an idea of what they are like. 


Onion Maiden is another totally vegan restaurant in Pittsburgh located on Warrington Avenue with a Asian/American influence. Onion Maiden offers a wide selection of food from Pho to veggie dogs. Though this is a restaurant they also provide a selection of baked goods and among some of the most popular is a glazed donut made completely vegan. The donut is also offered with a regular, chocolate or strawberry glaze and depending on the day the bakers will come up with a different or special flavor. 

Ice Cream

Millie’s ice cream on south highland provides four different options of dairy free ice cream including dark chocolate, mint chocolate chip, banana, and mango. They also provide a seasonal sorbet. For anyone who is vegan or can’t eat dairy this is a perfect substitute as a good treat on a hot day in pittsburgh. Millies is also located next to Mad Mex so after your vegan meal there you can pop over to millies and get a nice dessert. 


Square Cafe in Point Breeze is a perfect place for breakfast or brunch on a sunday morning no matter what your diet consists of. They have many vegetarian and vegan options including their Peanut Butter vegan pancakes which are perfect if you are craving a sweeter heavier breakfast. They also have vegan chorizo and a few other vegan options for no matter what you want that day. Square cafe also offer a range of gluten free options so no matter your diet restrictions they have something for you.