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The Penguins prepare to start a game.

Fenway Sports Group To Buy Controlling Stake In Pittsburgh Penguins

Alex Kiger, Sports Editor December 2, 2021

On Monday, the Pittsburgh Penguins announced that Boston-based Fenway Sports Group is set to become the new majority owners of the Pittsburgh Penguins. The sale, reported to be around $900 million dollars,...

On June 11, 2020, Pittsburgh Allderdice High School held a sit-in protest in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

What Allderdice Thinks about Youth Civic Engagement

Pavel Marin, Staff Writer December 2, 2021

Civics is one of the most essential classes students take during their time at Allderdice. Civics is the study of how the United States government functions, the rights citizens possess and how citizens...

In November of 1758, British forces found the remains of Fort Duquesne in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh’s First Thanksgiving: Our Historic Contribution to the National Holiday

Anisha Willis, Local News Editor November 23, 2021

The fall of orange leaves is leaving barren twigs, and the sun is setting earlier now, casting a chilly shadow over the three rivers of Pittsburgh. Happy autumn everyone! Whether fall is your favorite...

The FBI says Douglas A. Jensen, pictured above, was among the first to breach the Capitol on January 6.

‘QAnon Anonymous’ Host on the Importance of Students Understanding Conspiracy Theories

Andrew Sherbinin, Staff Writer November 23, 2021

On November 2, QAnon supporters gathered in Dallas, Texas for a rally, expecting deceased John Kennedy Jr. to return as Donald Trump’s running mate for the 2024 Presidential election. In a very anticlimactic...

Native American participants in the Trail of Broken Treaties occupy an auditorium at the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington, D.C. in November 1972.

The Euro-Centric Perspective-And its Effects on Native American Curricula Today

Zoe Obenza-Bridges, Lifestyle Editor November 23, 2021

Starting from the time students enter kindergarten, they are taught about the history of the United States. The things included usually are pilgrims, cornucopias, a feast with the Indigenous people, the...

Ruthie Haworth crossing the finish line, earning her first place in PIAA District 10 championships.

In Conversation: Ruthie Haworth and Abigail Naveh

Abigail Naveh, Staff Writer November 22, 2021

As a freshman, I joined the Allderdice cross country team with high aspirations for both the team and myself. Little did I know, I would be on varsity with one of the fastest cross country runners on the...

 The holiday gift industry exploded in recent years, and is still on the rise.

Holiday Commercialization: a Byproduct of Holiday Cheer or a Deeper Issue?

Nate Chinman, Staff Writer November 17, 2021

As the Halloween decorations come down, one of the things on many people’s minds is the holiday season. In the coming months, spiders and ghosts will be replaced with turkeys and gourds. Eventually,...

Meet the New Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Wayne Walters

Meet the New Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Wayne Walters

Abigail Naveh, Staff Writer November 14, 2021

“Hello, Abigail. How was your day today?”, inquired Dr. Walters as soon as we began our interview. When I decided to reach out to the superintendent to set up an interview for this article, I was...

On Friday, October 8, the Black Student Union invited doctors from UPMC Children’s Hospital to speak to classes throughout the day about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Allderdice is Taking on the Effort to Vaccinate, with the Help of the Black Student Union

Gabriella Naveh, Editor-in-Chief November 14, 2021

Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) is taking on the fight to vaccinate. Originally dubbed “Operation Warp Speed” by the Trump Administration, “fight” is now likely the more accurate word. For months,...

Women in sports have continually been pushed aside and their successes minimized.

Female Athletes Continue to Face the Effects of Systemic Sexism

Naomi Segel, Editorials Editor November 14, 2021

Look at high school gym classes, Instagram posts including female athletes, or the gender pay gap in professional sports, and sexist behavior is not hard to come by. Female athletes have historically been...

Sidney Crosby attempts to put the puck past Islanders goaltender Ilya Sorokin(AP/Gene J. Puskar)

Examining The Additions And Subtractions Of The Pittsburgh Penguins Off-Season

Alex Kiger, Sports Editor October 22, 2021

It was a crazy off-season for the National Hockey League (NHL). Marc-Andre Fleury is now in Chicago. Jack Eichel has been stripped of his captaincy in Buffalo and is very likely never playing another game...

Toothbrushes lined up on a beach display the amount of waste caused by everyday items.

Five Sustainable Self Care Swaps

Zoe Obenza-Bridges, Lifestyle Editor October 22, 2021

It is no secret that the majority of businesses and large corporations are heavily reliant on plastic packaging. Similar to the fast fashion industry, the cosmetic and beauty industries are responsible...

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