Allderdice Responds to Leaked Supreme Court Opinion

Allderdice students participating in the walkout at the intersection of Forbes and Murray Avenue.


Allderdice students participating in the walkout at the intersection of Forbes and Murray Avenue.

Following national news that a leaked Supreme Court opinion draft had been released by Politico, Allderdice students immediately began formulating ideas to express their outrage. 

Here’s some background:

If Roe v. Wade is reversed, the federal government will no longer safeguard abortion rights. State governments will be given the power to either protect or criminalize abortion within their respective states. For many states, the banning or strict regulation of abortions is already a given the instant the Supreme Court decision is released. 

Currently, abortion is legal in Pennsylvania until the 24th week after the previous menstrual cycle. Abortion is only permissible after 24 weeks if the woman’s life is in danger, according to NPR. After the Supreme Court decision, the fate of legal abortion in Pennsylvania will essentially lie in whoever is elected as Pennsylvania Governer this upcoming November. 

Allderdice Students Protest:

On the afternoon of May 6th, Allderdice students took the front lawn and to the streets of Squirrel Hill to protest the leaked opinion. Students walked from the main complex of Allderdice to the intersection of Forbes and Murray Ave.

Feminist Student Union (FSU) President, senior Jamie Hilson, said, “My club and I wanted to provide a space for others to express their anguish towards the potential overruling and use it as a starter for a push towards change. Seeing all those people join us in protest, hearing their stories, it was beautiful. We marched down to Forbes and back, chanting ‘my body my choice’ the ​entire way.”

She continued, explaining that the protest included making and holding signs that included sayings like “we won’t go back” and “I stand with her.”

“We even had some of our own members speak to the crowd and inspire them,” Hilson explained.

“It was honestly one of my proudest moments as President of FSU,” she added. Hilson will graduate this year and step down as club president. 

FSU Sponsor and AP Psychology teacher Ms. Castro said, “I appreciated the diversity of the crowd, different ethnicities and grades. Just like Allderdice.”

The demonstration was met with lots of praise from students of all clubs including some teachers. Principal Dr. James McCoy told families, “At Pittsburgh Allderdice, we are committed to elevating student voice and being a platform, rather than a hurdle, to showcase student expression and demonstration.” 

However, some students complained that it did not feel like a walk-out, because students were urged by the administration to get early dismissals. The school administration told students to not return back into the building after leaving for the demonstration. 

Castro added in response to the complaints, “I am ambivalent on that. I agree if you’re going to believe in something and walk out, then you don’t need an early dismissal. If they make you unexcused, so what… that was the administration.”

Allderdice Launches T-Shirt Initiative: 

Additionally, in late May, the FSU announced a T-shirt initiative to provide monetary donations to Planned Parenthood. Castro added, “there haven’t been as many students buying them. There’s support out – and it’s going to Planned Parenthood. I just want more kids to buy them.”

She elaborated “that most of the staff had bought the shirts.”To purchase the Allderdice abortion rights t-shirts, email order to [email protected] ($12 for S, M, L, XL and $14 for 2XL, 3XL).