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A loaf of sourdough bread fresh from my oven.

My Journey into Sourdough

Nate Chinman June 8, 2022

If you asked me what one of my hobbies was going to be a couple years ago, I never would have said baking sourdough bread. If I’m being honest, I didn’t even like eating it that much. However, everyone...

Racks of unique clothing and pieces at the Buffalo Exchange in the Southside.

Shopping Second Hand in Pittsburgh: Sustainable, Affordable and Trendy!

Zoe Obenza-Bridges, Lifestyle Editor June 1, 2022

Thrift stores have been around seemingly forever, with the first Salvation Army store opened in the late 1800s, and Goodwill in 1902. Lately, it appears that the act of shopping secondhand has been at...

Toothbrushes lined up on a beach display the amount of waste caused by everyday items.

Five Sustainable Self Care Swaps

Zoe Obenza-Bridges, Lifestyle Editor October 22, 2021

It is no secret that the majority of businesses and large corporations are heavily reliant on plastic packaging. Similar to the fast fashion industry, the cosmetic and beauty industries are responsible...

Senior Chloe Werner remarked that although it was the only chicken sandwich she had tried, “the Popeye’s one was fire.”

Is The Frenzy For The Chicken Sandwich Really All That?

Ella Bindewald June 3, 2021

Recently, there has been a trend that many fast food restaurants have indulged in — the chicken sandwich. It started with KFC, Popeye’s, and Chick-fil-A, and it has now grown to include almost every...

In Poland, stuffed dumplings are called pierogies whereas in Russia and Romania, they are called varenikis. (King Arthur Baking Company)

Quarantine Cooking: Varenikis

Gabriella Naveh March 24, 2021

My Great-grandmother was born in Romania. Her childhood was marked by a lack of clothing to keep her warm during the brutally cold winters, not enough food to eat and the most heartbreaking of all, the...

What’s Wrong With Fast Fashion, And How You Can Help

What’s Wrong With Fast Fashion, And How You Can Help

Hannah Schwartz February 17, 2021

Chances are, at some point in your life, you’ve purchased something — or a lot of things — from Forever 21. And why wouldn’t you? Their clothes are easily accessible, trendy, and affordable. Unfortunately,...

Second gentleman Douglas Emhoff, Vice President Harris, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and President Biden on Inauguration Day.

Why the Women of the Biden Administration’s Inaugural Fashion Signals a New Era

Gabriella Naveh February 10, 2021

The way in which society values a woman’s fashion choices as opposed to that of a man’s has long been a topic of discussion — and rightfully so. Our history consists of centuries of women being seen...

Photo taken at Dolly Sods by Dani Jordan

Get Outside in Pittsburgh!

Dani Jordan December 21, 2020

We’re all so restless having to stay at home 24/7 surrounded only by family and confined to our homes. While quarantine has upped the levels of anxiety around the world, a great way to combat that is...

Milk Bar Pie is everything a pie should be and more.

Milk Bar Pie Is the Best Pie, and You Can’t Change My Mind

Abigail Segel November 23, 2020

In elementary school, I went through a phase when anyone who met me knew I liked pie. Even though I’m not quite as overt about my obsession these days, I don’t think I’ve ever come out of it. With...

Mental Health Tips for a Winter of Quarantine

Zoe Obenza-Bridges November 18, 2020

It's no secret that most everyone is under stress right now with the current state of the world. With winter just around the corner and the spikes in COVID-19 cases across the nation, the upcoming months...

Hundreds of disposable face masks are found in the ocean after being thrown away. This litter poses a threat to ocean wildlife and pollutes our waters. (from the New York Times)

10 Ways to Stay Sustainable During Quarantine

Anisha Willis October 12, 2020

During these difficult and often boring months, there are many ways to spend your time pitching in to help fight the battle against our planet’s climate crisis. Here are 10 things that you can do as...

Old Cover of New Yorker Magazine 1989

Fun Activities to do During Fall While Being Safe from COVID

Dani Jordan October 12, 2020

Autumn is here and that means cooler weather, the leaves changing, and Spooky Season! Although you may not be able to share a Pumpkin Spice Latte with a friend or be frightened at a haunted house there...

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