Pittsburgh Allderdice Staffing and Personnel Changes

Photo of Pittsburgh Allderdice sign, facing the intersection of Shady Ave and Forward Avenue.


Photo of Pittsburgh Allderdice sign, facing the intersection of Shady Ave and Forward Avenue.

The summer saw significant staffing and personnel changes for the 2022-2023 school year.  12 grade Vice Principal Alessio and Principal Dr. McCoy are the only remaining administration staff from last school year.

Three positions of the Allderdice administration saw staffing changes: Vice Principals Ms. Davies, Mr. Grinage, and Mr. Dobies. Ms. Davies was moved to Pittsburgh Brashear, after being at Allderdice for more than 30 years. Mr. Grinage was hired by the Woodland Hills School District as an underclassmen Principal and is already seeing controversy surrounding a proposed dress code policy that has since been revoked, according to a tweet. Mr. Dobies, who had served as VP since 2005, also retired without any public comment or departure. Last school year’s administration is only survived by 12th grade Vice Principal Ms. Alessio and Principal Dr. McCoy. 

To fill the three vacancies, the Board of Education appointed Ms. Fabina, formerly a vice principal at Pittsburgh Mifflin, Ms. George, formerly a teacher on special assignment at Brashear, and Mr. Perkins, formerly a teacher at Dillworth and, also, an Allderdice alumn.

In an interview with Vice Principal Fabina, she said “I hope I get acclimated” and added, “I want to help students feel like they’re important and valued, and also very unique and special.”

Both Vice Principal Fabina and Perkins are new to high school administration. Vice Principal Perkins did interact with high schoolers, but said “this is my first actual job as a high school principal.” When asked if there’s a big difference between being an administrator in high school-level or K-8, he said “No. Kids are kids. I think the only difference is the kids are older, more set in their ways, whereas the kids I was used to were still trying to find themselves.”

Vice Principal Perkins said he wishes “the former administration well in their current endeavors” and that change is normal at Pittsburgh Public Schools. Vice principal Fabina said she could relate to other staff who had switched schools. “I was not ready to leave Mifflin–that was my home, so I completely understand having to leave something you consider a home,”  she said in regards to former Vice Principal Davies’ departure.

Ms. Davies was appointed Vice Principal at Brashear, but she is currently on a leave of absence. During Ms. Davies’ leave, former Allderdice teacher, Ms. Jackson is serving as interim Vice Principal at Pittsburgh Brashear. 

Ms. Jackson’s move to interim Vice Principal at Brashear left a vacancy in the Physical Education leadership at Allderdice, as she had served as the department head. Since then, members of the department elected Ms. Scheuering as acting department head. Former PE head and teacher Ms. Withers moved to Florida following the 2021-2022 school year, according to Ms. Scheuering.

Ms. Scheuering, acting PE department head, said she is “very excited for this position” and that she has “big shoes to fill.” She also called Ms. Jackson, “one of the most beloved physical education teachers.”

The Student Services department also welcomed a new member to the department to begin the school year, Ms. Wilson, as a social worker, replacing Ms. Noll, who moved to Pittsburgh Minadeo–according to the PPS website.

The science department also welcomed back Mr. Stanopiewicz (also known as Mr. Stano), after he moved to a PPS middle school for the 2021-22 year. The department also welcomed Mr. Veltre, who is now teaching science.

Allderdice is not the only school facing staff changes – many transfers and staffing vacancies are happening across Pittsburgh Public Schools, including at Central Office.