The Foreword

Dear Justice Ginsburg,

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in 1980, serving as a federal appeals court judge.

Gabriella Naveh

October 16, 2020

Given the fact that I was already enamored with government and politics by the age of five, it might seem unlikely that our paths did not cross sooner; but of course, my knowledge was much more limited then. My study of government mainly consisted of Presidents and First Ladies. The intricacies,...

Student Athletes Need More Support From the School and Administration

Pictured, part of Dice girls soccer team

October 9, 2019

Allderdice is known to many as a sports-centered school. There are many different teams, from basketball to golf to cross country, with many students participating in athletics across the board. Many student athletes put in long hours after school and during the weekends to train and become good at the...