An Ode to Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets (And How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Endless Cycle of Fast Food Revivals)

When I was in middle school, the only thing I could look forward to after a long day of petty drama and the slow realization that I was nowhere near as smart as I thought I was, was the hope that maybe if I am lucky enough I could convince my mom to take me and my sister to Wendy’s. I’m not really a Wendy’s fan by any means. I think their burgers are complete trash and a majority of the food there feels incomplete—like a worse version of other fast-food meals—but I will happily die on the hill defending my belief that Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets are the best thing to have come out of a fast food restaurant in human history. 

Despite my (and hundreds of thousands of others’) love for these spicy chicken nuggets, Wendy’s discontinued them in 2017. But thanks to Chance the Rapper, who loves spicy chicken nuggets, but of course not as much as he loves his wife, Wendy’s brought them back. According to Eater, Chance “tweeted on May 4th a series of ‘positive affirmations’ that included the wishful return of the nuggets. Wendy’s, never one to let a viral moment slip past, re-tweeted Chance and claimed that 2 million likes could convince ‘the people in charge’ to bring back the nuggets.” By the night of May 5th that requirement was fulfilled and Wendy’s officially brought back their spicy nuggets on August 12, 2019. 

The nuggets themselves aren’t really that spicy, but they do have this really nice kick to them that makes them significantly more flavorful than their brother, the plain chicken nugget. The somewhat bumpy breading that covers the nugget adds an unexpected texture and slight chewiness to the nugget that I personally enjoy. The actual chicken in the nugget, while not amazing by any means, works well for its intended purpose. The chicken serves more as a vehicle to get the spices inside your mouth rather than the main appeal of the meal. Overall the spicy chicken nuggets are very enjoyable. Especially if you’re ever craving a cheaper alternative to the spicy chicken restaurant “CHiKN” in Oakland (or if you don’t have a credit card because for some reason that place only accepts credit cards which makes me really mad). 

The nuggets also go great with Wendy’s fries, which I would consider to be vastly superior to McDonald’s fries. Wendy’s fries are much thiccer than their McDonald’s counterpart and because of that, they taste more like fries than a, sometimes burnt, stick of salt. The saltiness of Wendy’s fries mixed with the seasoning of the chicken nuggets will make you incredibly thirsty so I would also say it’s a safe bet to grab a drink with your meal. I’m personally a bit basic so I would just suggest water but get whatever hydrates you. 

Healthwise don’t eat these if you are on a diet of any sort, trying to lose or gain weight, or trying to stay healthy in general because that’s not the point of them. But if you are indifferent about your health, which is most likely the case considering the fact that this is a high school newspaper, then these nuggets are perfect for you.

While Wendy’s spicy nuggets are not at all healthy they are delicious and with the right sides, it can be a really nice after school meal. Chance the Rapper, millions of people on Twitter, and I am very excited about their return and you should be too.