Ms. Providence Becomes School’s Leading Proponent of Fask Masks

Providence has forever been an advocate for sheet masks, but with the ongoing pandemic, her love for them has only increased.

The New York Times

Providence has forever been an advocate for sheet masks, but with the ongoing pandemic, her love for them has only increased.

Coronavirus has taken over the country one patient at a time. As we look to return back to school, experts have given advice on how to stay safe and healthy—information especially pertinent for Allderdice which is lacking in basic preventative measures like soap in the bathrooms. 

One teacher is being especially cautious about protection from the virus in such a dirty school. Ms. Providence, an AP World History teacher has studied years of pandemics around the globe and she knows how important it is to keep herself safe. Listening to the experts, she has been stocking up on all the necessities: food, water, coffee, medical gloves, 10 gallon bottles of hand sanitizer, and of course face masks. When Ms. Providence heard that face masks were a way to stay healthy and to keep others healthy as well, she was elated. “My whole life I’ve been such a proponent of face masks,” she said, “they’re really hydrating and they keep all your pimples at bay.” 

Since the assertion from the experts that face masks are a great way to prevent the spread of the virus, Ms. Providence has been seen roaming convenience store aisles and targets all around the city, leaving countless shelves empty in her wake. When asked to comment on her shopping sprees she said, “You can never be too prepared. Face masks have been hard to find and I need to be stocked up.” 

Ms. Providence plans to require all her students to wear face masks at all times in class so they can’t infect her if they have the virus. She puts a full basket outside her classroom door every morning and students must put on a face mask before they can cross the threshold. Students aren’t sure what to think, but Ms. Providence is loving the new rule. “My students have never had clearer skin! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner” 

To store all of her new face masks Ms. Providence has dedicated a room of her house to them. The room is filled with baskets of shelves that hold thousands of face masks. “Some might call me a hoarder but it’s actually very clean and organized,” she said. She has all types of masks, including metallic, animal faces, magnetic, and clay variations. She even has some lip masks for students who cough or sneeze in her class. “The students know they’re not supposed to cough, but sometimes they just can’t help it, so I keep a stash of lip masks to cover their mouths in case they do.” 

Ms. Providence hopes that other teachers follow suit. “I believe we can stop this outbreak if we all wear masks,” she said, “and since the CDC’s having trouble getting people on board, they should remind them that face masks don’t only reduce your risk of catching coronavirus, they also reduce your risk of getting pesky pimples!”