Allderdice Language Teacher Claims to Cure the Coronavirus With Essential Oils and Yoga

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live. From buying facemasks and hand sanitizer to avoiding travel, the Allderdice community has been extremely careful. However, one Allderdice staff member claims to have a true solution: essential oils. 

Ms. Hermano, an Allderdice spanish teacher, has been using oils in her classroom for years. Using a sprayer, she diffuses various scented oils throughout her room. “No amount of itchy eyes or asthma will stop me and my oils,” she stated when talking about her sprayer. 

We asked Ms. Hermano about her “business,” and she happily explained. “It’s a wonderful opportunity! I’ve been trying to recruit my TA students into joining. You sell oils and try to get others to sell them with you, you get a cut of the profits that the people you recruit make.” She also stated that it was “definitely not a pyramid scheme.” 

She also explained that peppermint oils can be used as a hand sanitizer replacement and are just as effective at killing germs. Certain berry oils are also apparently supposed to boost your immune system, making you “practically immune” to the pesky virus. She says that she will give students discounts on the oil and that she will be happy to explain both the oils and her business. She recommends using them on the whole family, including young children even if they are allergic. “The allergies will pass! Ignore any rashes and keep using oils! It will be beneficial in the long run,” she emphasized when we asked about the large health risks children would be under using harsh oils.

Ms. Hermano also encourages exercise and especially yoga to help with the virus. “Some people think the virus issue as a whole is overblown by the media. Believe what you want, but all it takes is healthy oils and yoga to keep yourself safe. There’s no need for any of the quarantines or anything the governments are trying to push on us.” She believes that the lifestyle promoted by yoga will absolutely help with the virus.

Ms. Hermano strongly recommends the usage of oils and yoga to prevent and cure coronavirus, as well as encourages students and staff to inquire about her “business opportunities.”