This image is displayed all over the school, reminding you that BIG ADMIN IS WATCHING YOU.

This image is displayed all over the school, reminding you that “BIG ADMIN IS WATCHING YOU.”

Brothers, sisters, and fellow students, there is no question that we are being oppressed. There is no question that we live in fear. There is no question that they are watching us: BIG ADMIN IS WATCHING YOU. 

They feed us lies: They try to convince us that the purpose is to “learn,” or that we should focus on “graduating” and “getting good grades.” But we know the truth, no matter how much they try to obscure it.

For years they have been tightening their control over us. Even after we think they have nothing left to take, no other way to erode our privacy, they find another way. They always find another way.

Some people don’t want to believe the truth. They purposefully remain ignorant to the violations committed to their friends, their classmates, and even themselves. But if change is to be achieved we have to open our eyes. All of us have to open our eyes and do what they do, and what they have always done. 

As the student body, we have to educate ourselves beyond the propaganda they feed us through their textbooks and lectures. We have to look past the quadratic formula, vocabulary sheets, and study guides.

And we won’t have to look very far: Watch the hallways, patrolled by “administrators” or “security guards,” who act under the guise of “keeping order.” They punish us for daring to walk the halls, daring to uncover the truth. 

Watch the bathrooms, the last bastions we had safe from their prying eyes. Watch how they are being locked up and shut down. Watch how they station guards there to keep us out and in their ever present gaze. 

Watch the entrance in the morning. Watch them check our bags, ruthlessly tearing through our things, without care. They rifle through our belongings and backpacks, checking every pocket and every pouch, leaving not a single paper or pencil unturned. Watch how they force us to scan identification, giving them even more insight into our actions.

Watch the lunchroom, where they stop us from eating, stop us from even entering, unless we comply. Another method they use to subjugate us, and to force us into submission.

But all hope is not lost, because if you look close enough you would not only see the restrictions, the invasions of privacy, the eyes that are always watching back. You will also see us students resisting. 

When you look to the hallways you will see students defying the rules and standing up for their freedom no matter the cost. When you look to the bathrooms you will still see clouds of smoke billowing through the door, showing that the fire of rebellion still burns. When you look to the entrance you will see students pushing back in any way they can, sometimes even walking through the metal detectors knowing full well their metal accessories will cause it to beep, just to create a commotion. When you look to the lunchroom, you will see students trying to sneak past their watchful eyes rejecting the IDs that subjugate us.

But the rebellion needs more fuel. More fuel to keep it burning. More fuel to keep it alive. That is why we need you. That is why we need you to join us.