Is Dice Killing Your Gains?


The fantastic Dice weight room is perfectly suited for senior citizens!

Dice is known for many things, and for prospective students the thought of being an athlete and using our world renowned facilities only adds to excitement. The shining jewel of the athletics department remains the 5-Star weight room located between the Olympic-size swimming pool and expansive team locker rooms. Offering over a whopping 600 square feet of freedom, the gym is like no other.

Each gym’s unique aesthetic attracts a specific crowd, ranging from bodybuilders, to cross fit, to power lifters… Dice likes to separate itself by creating the ever unique “Prison Yard Weight room” ambiance. Upon entering, newcomers are greeted with a plethora of equipment and strange brown objects stuck to each of the walls in the free weight section. No one really knows where these brown objects came from, or what they even are, but many regulars accept that it adds to the gleaming charm that the weight room possesses. Mr. Gallaxy, a gym teacher at Dice commented, “We pride ourselves on our assortment of eroded barbells and total lack of space.”  

Dice manages to distinguish itself with truly the highest quality of equipment, including but not limited to: a random assortment of dumbbells, a neck trainer, and at least a dozen machines that can only be used by a small number of students at once. 

Leg-day? Look no further than the shining squat rack displayed on the far right side of the free weight section. With no safety bars to catch you, the thought of severe injury should serve as motivation enough to “just stand the fuck up,” one routine power lifter commented. Although most Dice students choose to skip leg day, there is nothing more impressive than watching the few brave athletes attempt such an endeavor.

While you’re lifting, between the deafening sound of kids sitting on their phones in total silence on various machines, and the 2010 pop hits being played on a speaker, it is easy to get excited about getting in shape. 

 Here at Taylor Allderdice, it is clear the student body has worked very hard to make the weight room feel like a home. Between the (not-so) excellent upkeep of equipment and (less than ideal) cooperation between students and teachers, it is understandable why so many people are drawn to workout at Dice. 

Another positive?  Whenever they are not being thrown and left on the ground for months at a time without use, the various weights that the gym provides make excellent paperweights and door stoppers for Dice classrooms. Why spend $4 on a wedge when you can lift a 45lb up four flights of stairs to keep your door open?

If I had to describe the dice weight room in four words, I would say dependable, innovative, courteous, and engaging. I can depend on the weight room to cause unnecessary injuries, use innovative machines (that benefit no-one), while meeting the most courteous individuals—all while being engaged in my physical education.