Cinderella, the Allderdice Spring 2022 Musical

From the dedication of cast members, stage crew, set, constructors, and staff, to the Allderdice performers’ talent, an unmatched high school musical is promised every time.


Cast members captured mid-song during a musical number on the opening night of Cinderella. (Zoe Obenza-Bridges)

What’s the one thing the Allderdice theater department and the pandemic both have in common? They are both forces to be reckoned with. The fall play of 2021 was the first theater production since the shutdown in the spring of 2019, and similarly, the 2022 Spring Allderdice musical is the first musical since the spring of 2019. Back and better than ever, the Allderdice Theater department presents Cinderella!

From March 31 to April 3, the auditorium, and Allderdice halls, were buzzing with music from the production. The Allderdice orchestra provided a beautiful soundtrack to the song and dance from the students while the classic story of Cinderella was told through witty, dramatic, and convincing characters that never failed to hold the audience’s attention. The audience could not help but love Cinderella’s compassion and kindness, and a collective distaste for her snooty and ditzy (yet very talented) stepsister Charlotte (played by Sammie Samuels and Cassidy Sluss). Revolutionary Jean-Michel, played by Eli Wynn, brought many laughs from the crowd with dramatic monologues. 

Along with creative costumes that helped bring the characters to life, the production utilized many student-built sets. From hanging branches, and a horse-drawn carriage, glittering with lights and tinsel, to a staircase in the castle paired with chandeliers, the sets left the audience in awe. 

Mr. Schaltenbrand has helped direct the building of sets for the theater productions for about ten years. “It’s really a process, after Ms. Madden Harrold (the theater director) picks the production, it usually takes me a few hours to begin researching set designs that other schools have done in the past. For this year’s production, the construction wasn’t as labor-intensive as in past years. We had a good group of kids helping out with construction this year.”

Costuming and sets are not the only factors in a successful musical production. The talent of the actors in this production of Cinderella was unmatched. It is clear that the work put into piecing this production together truly paid off. The song and dance were pieced together almost flawlessly, and the students never failed to sing together in harmony throughout the night, this time, without masks.

After much pushback from students, parents, and teachers, on March 23 the School Board voted 7-2 to revise the district’s Health and Safety Plan to allow performers to remove their masks if they wished. The cast shared that they were relieved to be held to the same standards as sports teams across the district and had the opportunities to sing and speak clearly without the hindrance of masks.

When asked about the processes of putting together a production Ms. Madden-Harrold replied, “It’s an agonizing process! There are several considerations in choosing which production gets put on. We usually consider the strengths of the current students, including potential cast and orchestra members, the technical feasibility of a script, and how recently Allderdice has performed a show in the past. For this production, we started rehearsing about 10 weeks before opening night.” 

Senior Kathrine Bruce, who was double cast as Cinderella, along with Ava Sandstrom, performed for her first time in an Allderdice production this year. “I write in a journal for any role that I play, it helps me memorize that character’s mannerisms and other things that help me for that role.” On the topic of the lifted mask policy, she commented, “Hearing that we could perform without masks was amazing! I couldn’t wait because it had been so long since I had performed without one. It made the experience better than it already was.” 

Along with a dedicated cast, the orchestra was a vital part of the production. “I’ve been playing percussion since fourth grade, and more consistently getting involved in more musical activities like drumline and pit,” comments Junior Ellie Kannell. She adds, “The orchestra also puts on concerts for the school every spring and winter. They are always really fun concerts both music-wise to perform and listen to!”

The Allderdice theater department never fails to put on delightful and impressive production. From the dedication of cast members, stage crew, set, constructors, and staff, to the Allderdice performers’ talent, an unmatched high school musical is promised every time.