Netflix’s Original Series, Wednesday, Is Chillingly Spectacular

A promotional Poster for Netflixs Wednesday, which premiered on November 23.


A promotional Poster for Netflix’s Wednesday, which premiered on November 23.

The Addams Family has been a household name for many years. We all fell in love instantly with their spooky characters, odd life style, and funny mannerisms. However, the one who immediately spoke to me was Wednesday Addams. Very similarly to me, she is introverted, straight-forward, and sarcastic. However, we did not really know Wednesday… until now.

Tim Burton, who is famously known for his hit movies such as, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Corpse Bride, to name a few, directed four out of the eight episodes and executive produced the series. Burton’s unique gothic touch clearly shines through in the series, which has broken the record for most hours viewed in a week (341 million)!

The series follows Wednesday, when she gets kicked out of school for a vicious prank and goes to a school called Nevermore for outcasts in a town called Jericho. There, she becomes entangled in a mystery when sudden gruesome killings begin happening, and through this, she uncovers the dark history of the town and its many secrets.

Not only is the series incredibly intriguing, the actress who plays Wednesday is undoubtedly brilliant. Jenna Ortega, in her early years, was in Stuck In The Middle, a Disney series, and most recently has starred in The Fallout and the newest Scream. Ortega brilliantly portrays Wednesday, making the character unique in her own way, while also channeling the chilling vibe that we all know and love from Wednesday. In fact, Christina Ricci, who originally played Wednesday Addams, plays a main role in the series. However, Wednesday is new and mature now. The addition of bangs to the classic raven dark braids elevates the look, while also her vocabulary and smarts impresses the audience. Not to mention the fact that in episode four of the series, Woe What a Night, Wednesday impresses everyone with an amazing dance routine to the song ‘Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps, which was actually choreographed by Ortega herself.

In the series, not only do we get to watch with anticipation while Wednesday uncovers mysteries and secrets at Nevermore, but we also get to see her grow into herself. Wednesday is now sixteen in the series, and clearly has a mind of her own. We see the being channeled immensely in each episodes, as her undeniably masterful feminism shines through. We also witness her dynamic with her family as a teenage girl, especially her relationship with her mother, Morticia Addams.

Out of everything, however, what is most amazing about this series is the love that the audience grows for Wednesday. No matter who you are, the feeling of being an outcast is not foreign. Many have felt it at one time or another and it is clear that Wednesday’s quirkiness is what makes her into the character we love.

So what are you waiting for? Get started watching!