Allderdice Teachers Take On New Careers

The sky is the limit for our amazing Allderdice teachers embarking on the next phase of their lives!

The sky is the limit for our amazing Allderdice teachers embarking on the next phase of their lives!

As the year is coming to a close, The Backword is sad to announce that there will be several Allderdice teachers who will not be returning next school year. We sincerely appreciate each and every one of these teachers who has contributed their hard work and effort to the lives of the next generation. The Backword decided to look into what new career ventures our teachers will be embarking on next year. 

Ms. MixSellLend has decided to keep her beloved career of teaching, however, she is pursuing another subject that she is more passionate about. She will be moving to another school to teach Health Education. 

The next teacher will be heartbreaking for students but also expected due to her already prominent career. Ms. Providence will be taking on a full career in social media as a full-time influencer. She is especially now becoming active on her Tik Tok account. Go follow her!

The next teacher that will not be returning next year is Ms. HenC. Unfortunately, The Backword could not find much on her. It is unclear if she is pursuing a career in politics or zookeeping. As of now, The Backword would label her as (most likely) unemployed. 

Ms. Warhall has decided to leave her job as a math teacher to pursue a career in foot modeling! Although it is a rigorous and demanding profession, us students know that, thanks to her incredibly hard work ethic, she will thrive. Look out for your next foot cream ad, and see if you recognize those unforgettable dogs!

Lastly, we have our beloved Senor Tailor who will not be returning next year, as he has recently found a new love of bartending. After much consideration, he has decided to take a bartending job in Puerto Rico. Due to his Spanish-speaking skills, he was overqualified. He shared, “When I recently found that I can combine my two favorite things, I was overwhelmed with joy. At Allderdice, my two loves cannot be expressed together. I will miss you all.”

As sad as we are to see these fabulous teachers leave, The Backword, along with the student body, wishes them the best of luck in their newfound careers. So Allderdice students, don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened… and maybe cry a little bit while you do.