Announcement: Spring Break Trips 2024!

Spring Break Trips 2024... Woohoo!

Spring Break Trips 2024… Woohoo!

Dear Allderdice Parents,

April is here! That means that it is Spring Break. WOOHOO. Although we have a week off from school, Allderdice students still have the opportunity to have loads of fun on our spring break trips, chaperoned by Allderdice teachers. Unfortunately, it is too late to sign up for a trip for this Spring Break. However, we are pleased to announce the trips that will be taking place during Spring Break 2024!

Starting off strong, we have Mr. EyeSack taking kids to Russia. If you want not only your child but also the adult in charge to get lost in one of the most volatile regions on Earth, this is the trip for you! Activities will include: searching for Mr. EyeSack’s phone, searching for Mr. EyeSack’s luggage, and finally, searching for Mr. EyeSack. If interested, stop by the Allderdice parking lot on April 16. Mr. EyeSack will most likely be looking for his car.

Our next trip will be to Hawaii! The chaperones for this trip will be the one and only Senor Tailor, along with Ms. Hisman and Mr. Thighborg! If you want your child to try new and interesting opportunities in a different state, sign up as soon as possible! Some of the plans for this trip include investigating different Hawaiin plants, going fruit punch tasting, and, as a result, projectile vomiting. If you want to learn more, make sure to attend Meadows on April 17. Senor Tailor, Ms. Hisman, and Mr. Thighborg will be right by the keg. 

One of our most exciting trips is one that Mr. Foffer personally planned. In fact, he was going to go anyway and then decided to invite students to join. He is traveling off to… the United States-Mexico border! If you are interested, drive up to your nearest Trump rally, and discuss the details with him. 

We also have our beloved math teacher, Ms. Warhall, taking students on a crazy trip to Las Vegas! Activities will include: watching Ms. Warhalll lose all her money in blackjack, contracting COVID-19, and causing your child to miss the whole next week of school. If you are interested, stop by the Rivers Casino on April 20—Ms. Warhalll will most likely be practicing for her big games in Vegas. 

Lastly, we have a very fun trip to… we do not even know where! It will be run and planned by Ms. HenC herself. If you want your child to be totally unsupervised for a week, this is the trip for you! Activities include: trying to find out what is going on, trying to figure out where you are, and trying to find a way to get home. If this sounds like something your child would be interested in, visit your nearest pitching practice. Ms. HenC will be there practicing!

I sincerely hope that you consider sending your child on one of these amazing trips. Please make sure to sign the waiver saying that anything that happens to your child on the trip is not our responsibility. 


Dr. CoyBoy