It’s Time to Act on Your New Years Resolutions!

Global Minds is a great club for students who want to make Allderdice more inclusive

Luke Chinman

Global Minds is a great club for students who want to make Allderdice more inclusive

Winter break is over and we’re all struggling to get adjusted to normal life. On top of that, finals are looming in front of us. Among the stress and pressure of school, new year’s resolutions or even new decade’s resolutions can get lost and overlooked. 

To help the students of Allderdice stay on top of their goals and self-improvement plans, this is a guide to school clubs that can help you stay on top of whatever you want to accomplish. Hopefully in the following list you can find a club that excites you and motivates you to keep working on whatever your passionate about.

  • Get in shape 

Exercise is important for physical and mental help and it’s a great way to destress after a long day at school. If you want to push yourself to exercise more in the new year you should join…

Indoor Track Club- Ms. Mueller, every school day but fridays

Unified Track- Mrs. Graham, Mr. Moffitt (parent), starts in the spring

Yoga and Mindfulness Club- Mr. Plavchak, time dependent on students

  • Learn a new language

Language learning is a great way to connect with other cultures and can also improve your memory, critical-thinking, and listening skills. If you’re learning a new language this coming year and want to explore the culture surrounding it you should join…

French Club- Mrs. Fischer and Dr. McGonagle

Japanese Culture Club- Club Dr. de Valdivia

  • Get involved with the dice community

When people are active participants in their communities it can build strong relationships and foster conversations that having lasting positive impacts. If you want to become an active participant in the Dice community next year you should join…

Allderdice Friends- Mrs. Graham, Laura Broadkey (student), once a month during school

Global Minds Initiative- Dr. McGonagle, Abigail Segel (student), Tuesdays after school in Ms. Hoelzle’s room

Black Student Union (BSU)- Mrs. Halloran, Ms. Donnelly, Dr. McGonagle, Mondays in Ms. Halloran’s room

Feminist Student Union- Ms. Castro, Isabella Mor (student), Wednesdays after school

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)- Mr. Taylor, Ms. Britton, contact Mr. Taylor for club meeting days

  • Become more globally aware

Global awareness is important in schools because it creates a more understanding, inclusive student body. If you want to have a better understanding of the world and of our own global community here at dice, you should join…

Amnesty International- Ms. Henze, homeroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Global Minds Initiative- Dr. McGonagle, Abigail Segel (student), Tuesdays after school in Ms. Hoelzle’s room

Model United Nations Club Ms. Henze, Thursdays in Henze’s room


  • Become more environmentally friendly


Climate change is a major issue that our world is facing today. There are many ways to combat climate change, such as lobbying and protesting for major corporations to change their policies, volunteering at the ground level, and educating ourselves on the environment around us. Dice clubs offer all of these options. If you want to focus on being more environmentally friendly this year, you should join…

High School Urban EcoStewards (HSUES)- Ms. Mueller, 4 annual field trips

Horticultural Society- Mrs. Withers, Fridays in the spring

Allderdice Cleanup Committee- Ms. Price, Anna Lecrone (student), various half days

Recycling Club- Ms. Henze, ask Ms. Henze for details

Fridays For Future- This is not an Allderdice club but many Dice students are involved, follow @fridaysforfuturepgh for more information


  • Meet new people


If you’re hoping to meet new people and make new friends, giving any club a shot is worth it! Picking a club within your interests gives you a better chance of finding like minded people, but exploring something completely new is a great option too. Diversifying your experiences is a great way to expand your horizons and to discover what truly matters to you

And of course everyone, regardless of specific interests, should join Vegetable Club.