Igor Tour Comes to Pittsburgh

Dani Jordan

Coming into Stage AE for the Igor Tour, you could see the popularity of Tyler, the Creator’s newest album amongst the teens of Pittsburgh. The line wrapped around the street and extended far past the concert doors. There was a buzz in the air as kids sat on the sidewalk, waiting anxiously for the doors to open. Once the doors were opened, everyone rushed into the venue which was packed. Once you were on the floor in front of the stage, there was very minimal room to walk around or move through the crowd.

Opening for Tyler was GoldLink and Blood Orange starting the show followed by Jaden Smith. The first openers act was simple and the main initiative was to get the crowd warmed up and excited. They were continually hyping up the crowd and trying to get a mosh to start in front of the stage.

Once they left the stage, you could feel the anticipation in the crowd waiting for Jaden and Tyler. Jaden’s performance was very energetic and had a spiritual vibe to it. The colors and the music working together brought every part of you into the act. Smith played clips from his music videos, projected on the walls behind him synced with the song he was singing. The lights went with the aesthetic vibe of cool purples and greens. He was able to liven up the crowd, running around the stage and talking to the people between songs. 

When Tyler finally came out the crowd was ready. Immediately when he began to sing the people were jumping around, following Tyler. The concert was a mix of popular tracks from his newest album combined with a good portion of some if his old music. Some of the songs played were EARFQUAKE, A BOY IS A GUN*, 911/Mr. Lonely, and many more of some of his most popular tracks. He ended the show with the song ARE WE STILL FRIENDS? which is also the last song on the album Igor. 

Overall the technology involved in the performance did not seem to be super complicated mechanics, but that made it better. You were focused on Tyler and no one else on stage. The light staging and colors used for the lasers were very well done and choreographed to fit the songs and vibe perfectly. The projections playing behind Tyler were also a good addition to the performance making is feel larger than it was.

Not only was Tyler singing and jumping around the stage but the interactions with the crowd were especially significant. At one point, a girl was screaming about how it was her birthday so Tyler stopped the show to “sing her happy birthday,” but in Tyler fashion, changed the words from “happy birthday to you” to “happy birthday, f*ck you” instead. Everyone in the crowd got a kick out of this and enjoyed the light heartedness that he was giving towards the audience.

Overall the concert was very high energy and there was no way that you could have gone and just stood around. People were jumping and screaming the words right along with him. 

One of the parts of the show that may have frustrated people was the wait time between the acts especially between Jaden and Tyler. Many people were losing energy and interest waiting for him to come on stage. This was most likely due to the crew getting prepped or making set changes but those things should probably be worked out for further shows.