Spooky Pittsburgh Spots To Explore This Halloween

Green Man Tunnel is one of many Pittsburgh sites surrounded by tall tales.


Green Man Tunnel is one of many Pittsburgh sites surrounded by tall tales.

Though one might think that the best places for ghost-hunting would be big cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and NYC, the hills of Pennsylvania lend themselves just as well to haunted locations. With Halloween coming up fast, here are some sites in and around Pittsburgh with creepy histories and rumors of the supernatural.


       1.  Green Man Tunnel


 This tunnel in South Park is said to be haunted by the spirit of an electrical worker who got in an accident that killed him, disfiguring his face in the process. The green form of the ghost, also known as “Charlie No-Face,” stalks the tunnel late at night. However, this ghost story is rooted in some truth, as a man named Raymond Robinson lived in this area and would take walks around the area at night. He had been injured as a child climbing on power lines and so had no eyes or nose. Another legend surrounding the tunnel tells of a man who murdered his family in its depths.


      2. Blue Mist Road


Irwin Road in North Park is known by another name when the sun goes down, as a heavy blue mist descends. The road is said to be haunted by many spirits, such as a bride and groom which can be seen dancing above their graves in the nearby cemetery. There have been reports of people being chased by strange creatures and even seeing bodies hanging from trees. If you drive up this road at night and honk your horn three times, you might witness some paranormal activity! (Or some angry neighbors, since there are houses along the road.)


        3. Dead Man’s Hollow


This area south of Mckeesport got its name when a group of boys supposedly stumbled upon an unidentified corpse hanging from a noose. Since then, many supernatural occurrences have been reported, such as shadowy figures and strange smells, and stories stretch back decades of drownings, shootouts, and accidents happening in the area. While definitely creepy with all its legends, Dead Man’s Hollow is also a beautiful natural area that hosts a yearly “Paranormal Walk” around Halloween, a perfect autumn activity.


       4. Dixmont Hospital Cemetery


From 1864 to 1982, the Dixmont Hospital for the Insane served as a self-sufficient mental health hospital, situated on 400 acres of land overlooking the Ohio river. In its earlier years, the hospital gained a reputation for using lobotomies and electroshock treatments, and when it closed and was left in disrepair, it became a popular place for ghost hunters, who claimed to see apparitions and hear voices. Although the building was demolished in 2006, the decrepit cemetery remains in Kilbuck Township with hundreds of unmarked graves, a haunting memorial to the patients who died there.


       5. Tim’s Secret Treasures


If outdoor haunted spots aren’t your thing, there’s a store in the Pittsburgh area with plenty of ghost stories. Tim’s Secret Treasures, an antique store in Charleroi, has had reports of moving furniture, whispering, and sounds of children playing. In fact,  the store was featured on the Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera.”Research by the owners revealed that the building used to be a funeral parlor and then a speakeasy during Prohibition, which could explain the spirits who seem to be residing there.


So, if you don’t feel like spending your money on a haunted house ticket this October, check out one of these local haunted sites for a creepy evening! (Just be careful not to make the ghosts too angry.)