Ranking the Mascots of the MLB



The Major League Baseball logo.

Baseball mascots are an iconic feature of the sport. They are fun, energetic, and overall, help to increase sportsmanship. They can often be seen doing crazy things during their MLB season. A good mascot is one of costume design, humor, and antics. I will be ranking the mascots of the Major League Baseball teams. (To avoid repetition, I will only be including one mascot per team.) Without further ado, here we go.

Honorable Mentions: Marlins Man/Perogies/Washington Nationals Presidents

While he’s an unofficial mascot of the Miami Marlins, it’s too good to not include him, known for showing up to Marlin’s games dressed in all of their merchandise, Marlins man is the true definition of a wacky mascot antic without even being a professional mascot.

The perogies and presidents are actual mascots, but are not technically the main mascots of their respected team, the races are a great tradition for both teams and help get the people going however, and deserve an honorable mention for that reason.


  1. Slider-Cleveland Guardians

Slider is just a lazy mascot all around. He looks like a stuffed animal you could win at a carnival, as far as I’m concerned he doesn’t have any connection to the city or team whatsoever. I would expect more from this team. Slider is still much of an improvement from their last mascot, however.

  1. Bernie-Milwakee Brewers

Actual human costumes are way too creepy for a baseball game and simply do not work. The only real pro for Bernie is that he is based off of a real life superfan of the Brewers, so at least he holds significance. Other than that, his only gimmick is going down a slide if the Brewers hit a home run. 

  1. Baxter-Arizona Diamondbacks

The person designing this mascot had one job, they could have easily made it a snake, but instead they give us this ugly monstrosity that is Baxter. The whole idea of him is that he should be a BOB (Bank One Ballpark) cat. Everyone would want a snake for the SNAKE THEMED TEAM. He is also a very basic mascot in terms of antics, nothing too interesting, but props to the man under the costume for wearing it during the Arizona heat though.

  1. Southpaw- Chicago White Sox

Southpaw is just confusing. He claims to be “A fuzzy green dude that loves the White Sox.” Personally, I think he should have been a white sock mascot. (That would have been way better!)

  1. PAWS-Detroit Tigers

Talk about bad design… They really butchered the easiest mascot choice ever, right next to the Diamondbacks making their mascot a snake.

  1. Dinger- Colorado Rockies

Dinger is just alright. Not much to say here. Just another generic mascot. The backstory of him being a dinosaur due to the dinosaur bones found in Colorado is pretty neat, but he just has way too much going on for him to work.

  1. Screech- Washington Nationals

Screech is simply creepy. He is a bald eagle but that’s the only pro I can think of. He suffers the same fate as PAWS: a victim of poor design. The feathers look scattered but I do enjoy the theme. The Diamondbacks should take notes.

  1. Swinging Friar- San Diego Padres

The Friar is yet another human mascot costume. I like this one much more, however, as he is much more goofy and fits well with the team. He also has a meaning and purpose to the team, making him a pretty good mascot overall.

  1. Oriole Bird- Baltimore Orioles

The Oriole bird is not really that bad but translated poorly into the mascot costume form from the logo. He definitely has some great antics too, such as the time he stopped Teddy Roosevelt in the president race. Overall, he is a solid mascot, just poor costume design.

  1. Ace the Blue Jay- Toronto Blue Jays

Ace is arguably in the better section of bird mascots, but he still is not designed very well. In terms of antics, he is quite funny, specifically when he showed up to the Toronto City Council.

  1. Blooper- Atlanta Braves

Blooper is yet another mascot that is the consequence of the team’s own actions: If they did not choose a problematic mascot, they would not have Blooper. Blooper is not awful, he’s just a little generic. The tomahawk was a nice touch. He gets into your typical run-of-the-mill mascot antics (the Georgia themed songs for state pride).

  1. Fredbird- St Louis Cardinals

Fredbird is iconic. I feel bad ranking him so low because he is a classic mascot for the cardinals going all the way back to 1979. He is truly one of the best known mascots in the league. The design is just so creepy, however.

  1. Rangers Captain- Texas Rangers

There is nothing special about Ranger, him being a Horse works well enough. His official mascot biography discusses his horrible driving record, so he gets extra points. The Rangers Captain is quite funny, however, and interacts with the fans frequently.

  1. Raymond- Tampa Bay Rays

Raymond is a quality mascot—he is well themed and designed. He gets into your average mascot antics. He is a good standard for MLB mascots: truly a role model for his league. He is average in design, antics, and pride. Not the golden standard but still a quality mascot.

  1. Stomper- Oakland A’s

Stomper made it up so high simply because I think his mascot design is really good. He is an elephant for a really interesting reason: the A’s made an elephant their mascot to ridicule a bad-mouthing manager who was making fun of the team for not making any money. He then went on to say that their owner at the time, Ben Shibe, has a “white elephant” on his hands. This became infamous. However, it is too niche for most people to get, in all honesty. He is still a great mascot overall, very kid-friendly too.

  1. Mariner Moose- Seattle Mariners

The Mariner Moose is the textbook definition of a mascot. He is friendly, approachable, and funny. He is simply perfect for an MLB mascot. He is someone a kid could actually approach and happily walk away with a memorable picture and experience. (I would be terrified of Bernie from the Brewers if I was a little kid.) Even the Moose’s origin is wholesome. He came from a contest for kids 14 and under to make a new mascot concept for the Mariners. He is simply a great representation for the team and does what a mascot does best: entertain!

  1. T.C. Bear- Minnesota Twins

T.C. Bear is in the same boat as Mariner Moose. He is a perfectly friendly mascot, able to bring team spirit up. My only issue is that there was no logical reason to make him a Bear. Nevertheless a solid mascot.

  1. Slugerrr- Kansas City Royals

Slugerrr is one of the most popular mascots in the league. He is explosive, energetic, and described as the most athletic mascot in the league. 

  1. Billy the Marlin- Miami Marlins

Billy the Marlin may look ugly to some, but I love his design. He has a very retro and almost finely aged feel to him that makes up a perfect look. He is just a staple of the team and it would be hard to imagine the Marlins without him. Along with that, he has been with the Marlins for a while now.

  1. Wally- Boston Red Sox

Now, some may complain that Wally is poorly themed, but in my opinion it is nothing short of genius. He’s a reference to his home stadium’s famous green wall, hence his green color and his name being “Wally.” Wally is a famous and loveable mascot by Red Sox fans. He has a classic design, a great manner, and overall is just a nice mascot.

  1. Rosie Red- Cincinnati Reds

Rosie Red is everything you need in a mascot. A classic indistinguishable look, a friendly persona, and a little bit of antics. The baseball head look is as classic as it gets, and it would be too controversial for me to rank her too low.

  1. Mr Met- New York Mets

Mr. Met is essentially the same in design as Rosie Red, but the reason why he ranks a little higher is because he is a much more iconic mascot from a much more iconic team. While I myself am not a huge fan of the design, his impact on mascot culture is unmatched. 

  1. Lou Seal- San Francisco Giants

Lou Seal is arguably the most dedicated mascot in the league. He never missed a game in 17 seasons and counting. He has a great design that every Giants fan is a fan of and has some great antics as well, he even managed to pull stuff off during 2020 when everyone was in lockdown.

  1. Clark The Cub- Chicago Cubs

Say what you want about the Cubs, but Clark is a well-made mascot. He has it all: Theme, design, local pride, friendliness. Everything you want in a good mascot. He is the grandson of the original Cubs mascot in the 1900s (who was a real live bear). He is a good representative of Chicago too, as he gets involved in the city, such as this promotional ad where he lights up the city of Chicago. Although I prefer the White Sox over the Cubs, I have to admit that Clark the Cub is a phenomenal mascot.

  1. Orbit- Houston Astros

Orbit is a fan favorite for a reason. I could talk about how his design and theme is great all day, but what really sets him apart are his antics. Orbit is constantly interacting with the players and fans. He has hours and hours of footage of lightening up the mood (except for the opposing team, who he bothers quite a bit). His golden interactions specifically come from his interactions with the Toronto Blue Jays, who always seem down to feed into his antics. One of the best moments with them was when Orbit initiated a doll fight with third baseman Jose Bautista back in 2014. 

  1. Pirate Parrot- Pittsburgh Pirates

From political attack ads to crack cocaine charges in the 80s, this parrot has seen it all. Easily one of the most iconic mascots in the league and a Pittsburgh icon, the Parrot is simply nothing but great. The Pirates may be awful as of right now, but they have a great mascot! He was introduced on April Fools Day where he “hatched” from an egg, and the rest is history. He has had numerous “fights” with the other Pittsburgh mascots. In 2008, there was an anti Pirate Parrot campaign ad against him from the Penguins’ mascot, Iceburgh

  1. Philly Phanatic- Philadelphia Phillies

Oh boy, here we are at number 1. The best MLB mascot, in my opinion, is the Philly Phanatic from the Philadelphia Phillies. He is wild and energetic. His antics are off the charts. So much so that some have had enough of his antics. He used Derek Jeter’s razor in a commercial, parachuted into the stadium and face planted, and dramatically fell while getting hit with a foul ball. With moments like these, it is obvious why he is the best and most iconic mascot of all time.