Hoosier Daddy? The Indiana vs. Purdue Rivalry

Jalen Hood-Schifino on Saturday, February 25, at Purdue University.

(IU Athletics)

Jalen Hood-Schifino on Saturday, February 25, at Purdue University.

When you think of the state of Indiana, its vast farmlands and agriculture production are not what comes to mind first, but it is college basketball. No matter if it is the famous coach of the Hoosiers, Bobby Knight, or the assumed player of the year for 2023 from the Purdue Boilermakers, Zach Edey, college basketball is at the heart of Indiana culture. In all of this basketball over the years one rivalry has remained: the Indiana Hoosiers versus the Purdue Boilermakers. For decades these teams have been battling it out, and just last Saturday they played their second and final game against each other for the regular season. 

Dating back to 1901, both teams have played hundreds of games against each other, and although the statistics sway back and forth in favor of each team, only one team, the Indiana Hoosiers, has had a perfect seasonIn 1976, Bobby Knight led his team to victory with 32 wins and a NCAA championship.

Now, after forty-seven years, through many wins and losses, the question for this season still remains: which team reigns supreme?

On February 4, Purdue came to Indiana University to battle out their first game against each other in the season. At the time, Purdue was number one in the country, and they had the 7 ‘4 star player Zach Edey playing center. With everyone expecting Purdue to win, when the timer went off with the score at 79-74 favoring Indiana, fans flooded the court, overjoyed. Though the game was tough, Mike Woodson coached his star players like Trayce Jackson-Davis, the senior and leader of the team and Jalen Hood-schifino, the outstanding freshman point guard (just to name a few) to victory.

Just three weeks later, the Hoosiers faced another tough challenge: their second game against the Boilermakers at Purdue University. With high expectations for the Boilermakers to win with their high ranking nationwide and home advantage, the Hoosiers came in as underdogs. The game started, and the arena was filled with screams and chants in favor of Purdue. The first half stayed tight, ending at 38-32, with Purdue leading. Trayce Jackson-Davis struggled the first half, but freshman Jalen Hood-Schifino stepped up, along with his teammates, Trey Galloway and Miller Kopp. As they began the second half, everyone could see the fire in the Hoosiers and to put it simply, they just went off. Once they got the lead in the second half, they never let it go. Jalen Hood-Schifino had an all-time high in points scored at thirty-five points in a game. He got around Purdue’s defense quickly, making it almost impossible for them to block him. Trayce Jackson-Davis stepped up and ended the game with ten points, seven assists, and eight rebounds. Trey Galloway proved why he has the nickname “crazy man,” attacking the basket, making all the right passes, and playing incredible defense. In the end, the Hoosiers defeated Purdue once again, 79-71. This was the first time they beat Purdue twice in a season since 2013. 

Mike Woodson, the Head Coach of the Hoosiers who played for Indiana from 1976-1980, said in a post-game press conference, “I tell these guys every time we step foot out on the road, you know if you defend and rebound and not turn it over, you’ll be in every game.” And that is exactly what the Hoosiers did. So, this year when someone asks who is dominating in Indiana college basketball, just ask, “Hoosier Daddy?”